What is allergy? How can I know, I have allergy?
How allergy can affect my life?
People have been talking about allergies, especially in the fall and spring, for a long time. Many do not know what an allergy means and how it can affect their life.
Allergy simply means that the body does not like things around it. These things could be Dust mites (which are small bugs in the dust), Molds (which can have different colors), pollens (plants seeds that fly in the air which can cover the cars with yellow or green things), our pets or even the chemicals around us.

When your body is exposed to these things, it gets angry because it does not like them. The body started to release certain chemicals like Histamine. Histamine tries to help the body fight these things. It makes the nose run to wash these things away. It also might block the nose (cause stuffy nose), to prevent these things from coming in. It might make your skin or eyes itch, to remove the things from them. It might also cause cough or breathing problem because the body is trying to cough up these things.
If you have any of these symptoms, most probably you have allergy. If you leave these symptoms without treatment, allergy might get worse. Allergy might also cause other problems like feeling tired, unable to concentrate. Imagine yourself in a fight all the time day and night.

You might ask yourself what to do? How can I deal with this? Is there any solution?
Avoidance is the golden treatment. Imagine yourself away from anything that bothers you, wouldn’t you feel better? That is exactly what you will feel when you avoid the things you are allergic to.

You might ask. The things I am allergic to is everywhere, how can I avoid them?
Yes, you will never be able to avoid everything but you can do a lot to decrease them around you which will help to decrease the symptoms. The fewer things around, the fewer symptoms you will have.

I love my pet and I cannot get rid of it. what can I do?
Depending on your symptoms and your allergy, your doctor might advise you to do certain things that can make your life less miserable.

I tried to do many things around the house but it seems that even the air I breathe bather me.
That is Wright, certain pollen in the air or cat’s dander can still bother you. Using special machines can help clean the air for you.
Having allergy will need you to change many habits in your life. Once you get used to the healthy routine in your life, it could be easier.

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What is Allergy?